[DCV] Bring a dish after Ragwort pulling

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Mon Jun 30 18:37:10 BST 2014

Hello to all DCV volunteers,

You may have noticed it's ragwort pulling time again and we are at Studland this coming weekend (5th & 6th) pulling for the National Trust.

As some of you will know the DCV BBQ after the boardwalk task went down very well with 11 of us enjoying a very pleasant and warm evening with plenty of food.

We would like to give volunteers another chance to enjoy the warm weather and light evenings with a bring a dish on Saturday evening after the Ragwort pulling.

We hope to have the event near to the work site with wonderful views of the back of Poole harbour, but exact location as yet undecided. If you intend to come out, and all are most welcome, please phone DCV mobile (07929 961532) on Saturday afternoon for location.

All you need to bring is a dish to share, a dish for yourself and a drink.

The hungry volunteer
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