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 Here are a few more videos on YouTube, some are DCV in France and others are of St Vaast. There are a few other videos, the French town of Royan where we went camping after the DCV/Orchis visit is a modern town built after the devastating allied bombing of 1945 has an interesting mixture of architectural styles and is sometimes called the Brasilia of France. The last videos are from the National Trust Tuesday walling group.I have taken some of the better suggestions some of you sent me and so each video has a name to help you decide if you want to see it.
DCV France bramble bashing     https://youtu.be/Hd6Kwy0s540DCV France plant tour               https://youtu.be/ZtOPwl_jaPIDCV France BBQ & Serinette      https://youtu.be/eCz23CXsFKI
France St Vaast mariners chapel https://youtu.be/IBv2GN-5uyAFrance St Vaast Music port         https://youtu.be/7laP7nl6DqsFrance St Vaast oyster farming   https://youtu.be/u4qBTNYo7aoFrance St Vaast port                  https://youtu.be/v9McT8kdYeg
France Royan market                 https://youtu.be/ZQ7-cALsJXQ France Royan buildings              https://youtu.be/1NmXMiJC6fY
DCV Tyneham May                    https://youtu.be/ehZxKRIZl-gDCV East Gore sand patching     https://youtu.be/1zOugSfH3B0
NT Stone Seat project               https://youtu.be/i7MruO5OeGUNT Stone Seat project               https://youtu.be/m-Uz4QUkjSQNT Corfe cafe project                https://youtu.be/de8nCTRleP4NT Corfe cafe project                https://youtu.be/bZRSHlE9RjM


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