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Mon Mar 14 11:36:02 GMT 2016

 To all volunteers,
DCV are once again working at SW Hyde this weekend. It will be the last cut and burn task of the season and to celebrate we are having a shared lunch/cookout. DCV will provide jacket potatoes, butter, grated cheese, crisps, and of course teas and coffees. If volunteers would like to bring something to share or cook then please do. We could do some cooking at lunch time and more cooking as we watch the fire go down at days end. DCV will supply the frying pans and cooking oil. We will be having a separate cooking fire. Please would everyone bring their own plate or bowl and cutlery.Last time we were here we saw Dartford warblers and Crossbill, so if you are a birder please bring along binoculars and tell volunteers when you see one of these iconic birds (sharing binos would be good here).Danger. Please do drive beyond the warning markers, there is a car eating pothole beyond, the water is two feet deep at the centre and the ARC ranger scraped the bottom of his car in trying to get out.
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