[DCV] Next task - Studland ragwort

Richard Meatyard richardmeatyard at outlook.com
Fri Jul 6 08:28:27 BST 2018

Dear All,
apologies if you have already received this email. We are having a few 
issues with some mailings not reaching everyone on the mailing list and 
are having to try a couple of times.

Hope everyone's enjoying this beautiful summer weather . . . and it 
looks as if it will hold for our annual visit to Greenlands, Studland 
where we will be gathering bunches of yellow flowers for the National 
Trust. Task details in the newsletter as usual.

A summer social picnic has been planned for the end of Saturday's work 
so if you'd like to participate, bring your own food and drink, plate 
and cutlery plus any suitable games you might like to bring. We may stay 
in a field overlooking Poole harbour or, as the weather's so wonderful 
and the beach so near, perhaps you'd like a cooling dip, so remember to 
throw in a swimsuit and towel. We'll decide on the day between the field 
or Knoll beach.

A reminder that there is of course the risk of ticks so long sleeves and 
trousers are recommended to minimise this. Together with a hat, they 
will also protect you from the burning sun.

See you there, Val

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