[DCV] dcv glow worm walk thursday 5th july

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DCV Glow Worm walk HambledonHill Thursday 5th July

Meet & park in NationalTrust field, 

Markstone Cottages, ChildOkeford,

Blandford Forum. DT11 8ET

OS map grid ref ST 838123 

Once again DCV are having aGlow Worm walk, this time it's back to Hambledon Hill, where we successfullysaw over 20 glow worms 2 years ago. 

Clive Whitbourn, the NTranger, has already had a few paid walks and the little darlings have beenseen, more every evening.

Clive has asked us to use aone way system for field entry and exit. Just next to Markstone cottages is abridleway and vehicle track, drive up bridle way a few yards and turn left intofield through gate and later exit field using the gate onto the road or asdirected by Clive. Please disturb the grass as least as possible, there will bea hay cut the following week.

Two years ago we had a verysuccessful picnic in the field by our cars, we had the luxury of picnic chairs,a table and hot brewed teas. This time the field has long grass in and will bemowed for a hay cut next week, so we are not allowed to picnic there. Clive asalways has choices for us.

Number 1 is a shorter walk tojust inside the reserve gate and picnic there with the possibility of takingour stuff back to the cars.

Number 2 walking all the wayto the top of the hill and picnic on the short turf with great views. 

This is not a shared picnicso just bring what you can comfortably carry, food and drink and be prepared togo for the majority decision. Also bring a torch.

Clive has asked me to tellyou all about the tick risk on the hill, they are about. So don't wear opentoed shoes but wear stout footwear that will grip the steep hill, wear long trousersand a long sleeved shirt.

Clive uses the high strengthspray of Jungle Formula and tells us to spray out socks and trousers and anyblanket or seat you put down and to check yourself when you get home. He alsosends out to all those who book on his walks the website address for NHSEngland ticks and Lymes disease. Please read.


As you all know the darkdoesn't descend until quite late and I can still read a book by daylightoutside at 10pm. The we beasties can be seen at about this time but are mucheasier to spot a bit later so expect to be home late.

So in a nutshell

Arrive 7:30pm ish

Picnic followed by wildflower, butterfly and archaeology walk 

Spotting glow worms as itgets dark.

Any problems, Don mobile07508 286353












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