[DCV] Abbotsbury Beach Clean 8th September - East of the Tank Traps

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Thu Sep 5 10:56:36 BST 2019

Hi All,

This Sunday we will be at Abbotsbury Beach for our Autumn Beach Clean.

This one will be a little different as the Fleet Warden will accompany us
to the east of the tank trap fence line. This area is not normally cleaned
due to possible disturbance to wildlife and vegetation.

If you join us on the day please be aware that the Warden will instruct us
on areas closer to the Swannery that we are to avoid walking near.

We will meet as usual at the beach car park and then walk to the tank traps
where the Warden will meet us at 10:30. We plan on taking our tea stuff and
basing ourselves at the tank traps. The filled rubbish bags will be removed
via boat by the Warden. I'll try to arrange that some heavier items (e.g.
drinking water) are taken over by boat so we don't have to carry them.

We'll take our tough bags and then sort rubbish into landfill (black bags),
plastic and tin cans (white bags), and glass (clear bags).

If any volunteers would prefer to be based at the car park, we can split
into 2 groups. If you think you would prefer to be based at the car park
please let me know by email so I can split our equipment and supplies
accordingly. I will bring a small camping stove and kettle in case people
wish to be at the car park.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this.

Kind Regards,
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