[DCV] Wytch Heath this weekend, change of work location

Richard Meatyard richardmeatyard at outlook.com
Tue Sep 17 21:16:37 BST 2019

Dear all,
Please be advised that due circumstances beyond our control we have had to move to a nearby task site. The work remains the same.

For those of you that remember Newton Gully, the new work site is a short distance further on, on the same road.

Access arrangements have changed accordingly. We will now rendezvous at 10pm at Rempstone Farm to convoy on to the work site. See attached Rempstone Forest map (a).

Currently Perenco are undertaking seismic  surveys in the area, resulting in road closures. These are due to be completed before the weekend but in the event that the road closures are still in place, we will use and alternative access route via Thrashers Lane. See attached Wytch Heath map (b). In this case the rendezvous point will be at the end of Thrashers Lane, adjacent to the Perenco security gate. Please do not attempt to reach the task via the Perenco access road from Norden.

PLEASE NOTE: Access via either of these routes requires and access code for the Rempstone Estate gates. If you arrive late and do not know the code you will need to phone the DCV phone to gain access and follow the familiar DCV arrows to site.

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