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Richard Meatyard richardmeatyard at outlook.com
Mon Aug 24 15:31:39 BST 2020

Dear all,
I had hoped that COVID restrictions would have eased to the point where it would be possible to hold an AGM in some format before September. However, if we respect the rules, even outdoors we are still limited to 6 attendees. so hardly representative.

As we are allowed by a Charity Commission dispensation, for this year, not to hold one I have prepared and published, on the website, my Annual Report for 2019/20 and a Treasurer's Report will be available on request to any member that wishes to see it.

There are however two items that do need to be decided as they affect others who may also be suffering from the effects of the pandemic:

1. For the past few years we have made a donation to another charity, as nominated and voted for by yourselves. I have had an initial nomination of Butterfly Conservation from Don & Val but other nominations are welcome.

2. A number of people have suggested that to aid our clients suffering from the financial impact of the pandemic we (DCV) should, once we are active again, suspend our charges on a temporary basis. Gareth has kindly drafted a motion that would have gone to the AGM:

DCV AGM 2020 - Motion
Proposed Free Tasks by DCV during Covid-19 Recovery

During recent years DCV has donated some surplus funds to local charities with close links to DCV.
Covid-19 has caused the largest disruption ever to DCV and our clients.
Over the past months there have been discussions about using DCV funds to provide free tasks so supporting our clients in recovery from the lockdown. This could encourage our clients to book DCV tasks during their recovery.

This motion is to formalise the discussions and seek agreement to this use of DCV funds.

The Motion
For the remainder of financial year 2020/2021, the DCV elected officers (Coordinator and Treasurer) are permitted and encouraged to agree to ‘free DCV tasks’ for our clients.

‘Free DCV tasks’ will include the daily volunteer charge, trailer towing, and chainsaw use. Any additional costs incurred during such tasks will require the prior approval of the elected officers.

The provision of ‘free DCV tasks’ will be on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the elected officers who will take account of the guidance appended to this motion.

Guidance for the elected officers
● As far as possible free tasks will be shared between our client base so none are favoured or excluded. The size and financial state of clients should not unduly influence decisions as the aim is not for DCV to subsidise clients, but to encourage them to book DCV during the recovery period.
● Clients should be encouraged to publicly thank DCV for this support to their post-lockdown recovery. For instance, they might mention DCV in member magazines or on websites.
● The offer of free tasks may cease if it is considered an excessive drain on DCV funds.

Can I please have:
Any alternative nominations for item.1
Any comments on item.2

Depending on the responses I get I will send out a further consultation email in a week or so.


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